This Picture Is The Reason Google Image Search Is A Thing

Happy Birthday to the woman who's image was the birth of Google Image Search. Jennifer Lopez turns 50 today and looks just as fantastic as she did 20 years ago. She says she doesn't drink alcohol or caffeine, smoke, or go in the sun. And if she does go in the sun she covers up in sunscreen. She's also a workout machine with the genes of a Goddess but I digress.

Jennifer Lopez's dress from the 2000 Grammy's was downloaded from the Grammy website 642,917 times within 24 hours. Google president Eric Schmidt admitted in 2015 that the attention paid to the dress was the motivation for the creation of Google Images search. Since we don't have rights to the picture of her IN the dress here's the link in case you forget that shot as well as 50 fascinating facts about your girl on her big day.

Huh. The more you know.

Grammy Museum Preview Day

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