Who's Down For Moving Halloween To Last Saturday in October?

Would you rather have Halloween on Saturday every year? There's an online petition to have it changed from October 31st to the last Saturday of October every year, and as of Friday evening 7/26 it's got over 83,000 signatures. Advocates note that it's primarily a holiday for kids and when it lands on a weeknight (this year if falls on a Thursday) it can be difficult for parent's to get home from work to take them. "It's time for a Safer, Longer, Stress-Free Celebration!" the organization wrote in its petition. "Let's move Halloween to the last Saturday of October!" According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a nonprofit dedicated to the safety of families and children, "Twice as many kids are killed while walking on Halloween than any other day of the year."

As for the grown ups, workplaces see a drastic drop in productivity on days after big party nights like Halloween and Superbowl. "51% Of Millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday, why cram it into 2 rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?!"

Do you want to change it or keep it on October 31st?


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