3/4 of Kids Say They Want More "Bonding Time" With You. Need Ideas?

A new survey of 2000 school aged kids revealed that 73% of them wish for more bonding time with mom and dad. If that doesn't grab ya right in the feels I don't know what will.

With summer quickly flying by and many of us working full time that can seem difficult but here are some really fun ideas that are free or very cheap to pull off, maybe this weekend?

Going to the beach and exercising together were the top two pics of activities.

Others include:

  • Play sports
  • Go to the pool
  • Go to the movies
  • Play at a park
  • Camp
  • Take a day trip (zoo, museum, amusement park, etc.)
  • Play video games
  • Go shopping
  • Go out to dinner together
  • Make a meal together
  • Ask them what they would love to do with you

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