Jen Aniston's In Style Cover Has Internet Mad

Jennifer Aniston graces the cover(s) of the new InStyle Magazine for October and in one photo she looks more tan than usual and some readers have a problem with it. Jen did five different covers, each channeling a look from the 60's or 70's according to the magazine. "This one shot in particular was inspired by Veruschka," a German model who was popular during the 1960s. "The other four looks were inspired by Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Hutton, Brigitte Bardot and Charlotte Rampling."

Some compared her complexion to Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who gained national attention in 2015 for masquerading as black while serving as a local NAACP leader.

You can scroll through the comments below including "I get that these covers are supposed to be channeling the glamour of yesteryear but that 'glamour' routinely marginalized women of color for white women (whether made tan or otherwise)," said Patricia Birch on Instagram. "Seeing Jennifer Aniston several shades darker than normal reminds me of that legacy. In 2019, if you want a brown skinned woman on your cover, put a brown-skinned woman on your cover."

Does this picture trigger you?

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