Retro Video: Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins

Do you have a song that you've heard a million times, you know what the actual lyrics are but still sing them wrong? That's Danger Zone for me. I know Kenny's singing about the highway to the danger zone and yet I still sing "I went to the danger zone". Every time. Oh well. Love the song still.

Now about that sequel Top Gun: Maverick??? Anyone?? IMDB still says "plot unknown" with a tentative release date of June 2020. We got our first teaser trailer so long ago I feel like if it was an Avengers movie we'd have seen four of them by now.

Revvin' up your engine

Listen to her howlin' roar

Metal under tension

Beggin' you to touch and go

Highway to the danger zone

Ride into the danger zone

Headin' into twilight

Spreadin' out her wings tonight

She got you jumpin' off the track

And shovin' into overdrive

Highway to the danger zone

I'll take you

Ridin' into the danger zone

You'll never say hello to you

Until you get it on the red line overload

You'll never know what you can do

Until you get it up as high as you can go

Out along the edges

Always where I burn to be

The further on the edge

The hotter the intensity

Highway to the danger zone

Gonna take you

Right into the danger zone

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