MAIDEN NW featuring Live Undead and Megadead - 1/25 @ Dante's

Sat Jan 25, 2020 @ Dante's (21yrs+)

Maiden NW - Iron Maiden Tribute Gather the troops and Up the Irons! The Premier Tribute in the Pacific NW to the music of the great Iron Maiden. And yes, they do bring Eddie...

Live Undead - Slayer Tribute LIVE UNDEAD authentically and savagely recreates the "Joy of SLAYER" by combining high energy, tight performances of songs that are true to the original versions, and the classic SLAYER look and sound.

Megadead - Megadeth Tribute Megadead is Portlands ass-kickingest tribute to Megadeth! Celebrating all eras of their domination of thrash metal.


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