K103 Honor Roll Recognizes Outstanding Teacher Rebecca Hall

K103 and Concordia University are pleased to honor and support outstanding educators making a difference in the lives of students in their schools each month. Congratulations to this month’s honored educator, Rebecca Hall, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Science Teacher at Five Oaks Middle School (Rachel Carson Options Program).

All of us at K103 and Concordia University are deeply honored to bestow the K103 Honor Roll award to Rebecca Hall and Five Oaks Middle School. 

Congratulations to all of the esteemed educators who are now on the K103 Honor Roll and thanks to our partners at Concordia University and Jersey Mike’s for participating in this worthwhile program!

How many years have you been teaching?

This is my 28th year

Why did you choose this career and why Middle School?

School was always a place where I felt safe and taken care of. I knew people cared about me (my teachers) and I thrived. I try to provide the same type of environment for my students. I believe public schools should be and can be the equalizers in the world. They should be a place where all kids can learn and build confidence. If we can do that, the world is a better place. I have always wanted to be teacher and am thrilled that I am! Middle school is so fun to teach. The kids have a lot of energy; they want to learn and will still engage with the activities we do. Additionally, middle school is a time when kids are changing so much; life can be hard. During that time of change, it is very important to provide a stable, fun, and engaging educational setting.

Tell us about the Rachel Carson options program at Five Oaks and how you are engaging the students with your passion for science and particularly the environment.

The mission of Rachel Carson is to create an environment where kids learn, connect to their community, and solve problems both individually and together. Students learn and serve others in almost weekly trips. These trips tie into the curriculum and the theme of the year. For example, this month students will work at restoring a local watershed, removing non native and invasive plants and planting others. Other trips this month include packing food at the OFB (4,100 pounds of oats packed this week!), visiting and learning about the work of Mercy Corps. RC is a small school of 180 students with 6 core teachers. Community and service are both essential tenants of the school. 

One of my favorite sayings is 'engage in your learning'. RC staff work together very closely to make the curriculum connect to the lives of students. Lessons are built to include an environmental lens, when possible. We are constantly working with kids about decisions they and their families make that impact others and the environment. Students find their own passions and work to make changes. Last year, a small group of students met with, planned, and helped execute the change from plastic to metal silverware; a student measured food waste and began a blog about it with updates and articles. 

What do you love most about this career?

I love it when my students struggle with answers and then come to a solution! Their facial expressions are great. Getting to work with young people is both energizing and exhausting. But, it is important and good work. Teaching is fun, challenging, and very rewarding. The kids make me laugh and amaze me with their knowledge.

Anything else you want to say about the school and your students?

Receiving this award is so meaningful to me. However, there are so many people who work hard to support students; they all deserve recognition. The team of teachers I work with are fun and fantastic. They are another reason I enjoy teaching so much, and can't imagine my work without them. Thank you very much for this honor.

The K103 Honor Roll is powered by Concordia University. K103 and Concordia University thank all the amazing educators who make our schools great! Each month during the school year, K103 will honor a local educator with a spot on the K103 Honor Roll. Each honored educator receives:

  • $500 Gift Card from Concordia University for school supplies
  • Concordia University Continuing Education Scholarship
  • Engraved Commemorative Plaque + Etched glass award
  • Catered lunch for the teacher's lounge from Jersey Mike's
  • Inschool visit and awards presentation from the K103 Morning Show

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