The List: The Right Flowers For What You Intend on Valentine's Day

Reader's Digest still has some really great information, and that's where I found this. Different flowers send different messages about your relationship, so if "I love you" is not what you're trying to say, and "I like you as a friend" is what you really mean to say, flower experts say this is what you need to know:

Red roses - Symbolize true love, desire, and devotion.

Yellow roses - Mean Friendship...great for you Bestie.

Lavender roses - Express love at first sight and enchantment.

Succulents - Symbolize everlasting love because they have a very long shelf life.

Daffodils - Represent chivalry and happiness.

Yellow chrysanthemums - Symbolize lust from someone afar.

Calla lily - Symbolize faithfulness and true devotion. The white ones represent purity and the purple ones stand for passion and admiration.

Orchid - Represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Carnation - Pink carnations are linked with deep love, like a mother’s; deep purple, fuchsia, or lime green carnations is perfect for the man in your life.

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