Our local Salvation Army is Hard at Work Helping our Neighbors

I'm a bell-ringer every Christmas for the Salvation Army Oregon, because I know how much they help our local communities; our neighbor's in need. During this health crisis and uncertain times, they are extra hard at work to meet the physical needs of our community by providing food to the hungry and sharing hope in the place of fear.

In North Portland they have implemented a drive-thru food service to practice social distancing...they're distributing "Isolation Kits" to families that include toys and activities...feeding Seniors, Monday-Friday with to-go meals, and will begin delivery soon with the help of volunteers...in Gresham, they continue to practice social distancing as they meet people at their doors and providing food...And they do SO much more than this!

Click HERE for a full list of the Salvation Army services across Oregon and Southern Idaho. The page is updated daily to share how they're adapting services to meet the growing needs. They can always use your donations if you're able to help at this crucial time.

God Bless!

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