How You Can Help By Sewing Surgical Masks for Oregon Hospitals


Our local JoAnn Fabric stores are helping the rest of us to make proper masks. They have limited daily supplies of the mask kits, which include fabric & the mask pattern. Each day they have more kits, but when they run out for the day, they're gone. You can also buy your own fabric, which JoAnn's can recommend for what works best, and your own elastic to go around the wearer's ears. When you're done making your masks, drop them off at JoAnn & they will get them to where they need to go. It's recommended you call your nearby JoAnn's before you go there to get the kit, they could be out for the day. You can go there during business hours without calling, to purchase the supplies.

Click HERE for JoAnn Fabric locations

Click HERE for JoAnn Fabric sharing resources to help with the face mask shortage

Click HERE for How to Make a Face Mask

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