Janine Shares One of Her Favorite (easy) Comfort Food Recipes #1

I thought it would be fun to start sharing our favorite "comfort food" recipes with each other. In this time of hunkering down a lot more at home, I've certainly been cooking a lot more at home. This recipe isn't really a recipe per se, it's just how I make it, and it's easy to do:

Janine's Mushroom Ravioli w/ Sage & Walnuts in Brown Butter Sauce


Packaged, fresh mushroom ravioli (use another kind if you want, but the simplicity of mushrooms works well with this dish)

Fresh Sage Leaves

Walnut Bits (use sliced almonds if you prefer)


Grated Parmesan Cheese


Cook ravioli according to package directions, drain when done

In small sauce or frying pan melt enough butter on low heat, to well cover the amount of ravioli you're using

Add nuts & sage leaves to butter (as much of both as you desire) & slowly brown. The sage leaves will get a little crispy, but don't overdo it, or they'll burn, same with butter, you want it browned, not burned

Put ravioli in your favorite bowl or dish, pour brown butter, sage & walnut sauce over top & sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top, salt & pepper to taste


Now email me your favorite Comfort Food recipe & picture to janinewolf@k103.com

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