Looking for Job? There are Plenty of Companies Hiring Right Now!

Watch this Tutorial video for searching the Oregon Employment Department job board for IMMEDIATE OPENING POSITIONS

Here are some companies and sectors looking for employees nationwide and in Oregon:

- United States Postal Services across the country to keep up with online shopping demand

- Pizza Hut announced plans to hire about 30,000 permanent workers

- Walmart announced it will hire about 150,000 temporary workers by the end of May for their stores, clubs distribution centers and fulfillment centers

- Dollar Tree which also own Family Dollar, plans to hire 25,000 workers

- 7-Eleven expects to bring on 20,000 new stores employees

- Amazon intends to hire 100,000 workers

- Domino's is hiring more than 10,000 workers

- Grocery chains, including Fred Meyer/Kroger are looking for workers from Clerks, Cashier, Stacker, Deli, and drivers

- The medical industry is looking for as many health care providers as possible

- CVS is hiring 50,000 to meet exploding demand at its stores

- Lowes is hiring part time, full time, and seasonal roles in your local stores

- Walgreens is looking to fill 25,000+ positions, including full-time and temporary roles

- Pet food suppliers workers

- Cleaning products manufactures and moving companies need workers

- There is a need for drivers nationwide

- The Farm industry needs workers for spring harvest

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