Most Haunted Oregon and Washington Locations Revealed

According to Thrillist, these are the spots in Oregon and Washington that are the most haunted. Do you agree?


The Shanghai Tunnels


The first things you notice when you enter the dank tunnels underneath Portland's bustling Chinatown are the shoes. Piles and piles of them, covered in decades' worth of dust. Why? Because it's hard to escape the underground when you have to run barefooted across broken glass. See, in the 1800s, Portland was a hot spot for Shanghaiing —a human trafficking technique in which unsuspecting people were drugged and dragged into these tunnels, then woke up at sea. Today, the tunnels still connect bars and restaurants (including the very haunted Old Town Pizza), and tours—currently suspended—take you past rusty old cells in addition to cobwebbed opium dens, many purported to still be frequented by long-dead madames. Hey, at least somebody's having fun down here. —AK


Northern State Mental Hospital


The abandoned remains of this old farm was once home to as many as 2,700 mental patients. The self-sustaining asylum ran from 1912 to 1973 and had a lumber mill, a library, a greenhouse, a bakery, canning facilities, and other amenities. Now it’s essentially a ghost town. Remnants of the buildings are said to be haunted by patients who died during trans-orbital lobotomies. Some buildings are still in use and off-limits, but you can view the shells of others and an adjacent cemetery at any time. The isolated compound is a short distance off Highway 20—the perfect spot for a late-night Halloween walkabout. —MM

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