Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Kiddo's Costume Wins Him Free Fries For Year

Thank you to Jeff who DM'd us today's wonderful story about Nine-year-old Blake Mompher.

Blake went viral for his custom french fries costume that fits over his wheelchair, has a big smile on his face after receiving a certificate for free fries for a year from McDonald's.

On Sunday McDonald's threw a Halloween party for Blake and his whole family.

At the party, Blake was presented with a certificate for free fries for a year, and a video from Ronald McDonald telling Blake how much he loved his custom costume.

Blake was born with spina bifida, which occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form correctly according to the Mayo Clinic. Due to his condition, Blake has faced numerous medical challenges requiring long stays in the hospital, sometimes for weeks at a time.

This year's costume was created with a lot of help from Blake's dad. He used a cardboard box for the frame, spray paint, upholstery/project foam for the fries, and a lot of hot glue to pull everything together.

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