Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Little OG Reunited With His Human

Thank you to Brad in Beaverton for sending this keeper!

After more than two weeks of his dog being missing, Reuben Ray is now reunited with his little Chihuahua.

During the same week in 2016, Reuben suffered two strokes plus a kidney failure. His doctor recommended getting an emotional support dog, saying it would help lower his blood pressure and calm him down. 

Ray brought home a little Chihuahua, naming him D-O-G, O-G for short.Since then, the dog has kept Reuben company at his assisted living center.

On Oct. 23, Ray brought his dog along grocery shopping and when Ray went inside the store to shop, he left his dog in the car with the window cracked open. He also left the car unlocked. When Ray came back an hour later, his dog was gone.

Shortly after O-G disappeared, the woman said she found him hiding underneath a car in an apartment complex parking lot. The woman told News 8 the dog had been there for two days.

She heard about the story, so she and her daughter brought the dog to a prearranged meeting spot on Monday.

By the way, earlier that same day, Reuben’s doctor told him his new kidney is working great, which has Reuben feeling all kinds of grateful.

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