Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Cuddling Turkeys!

Thank you to Bev in Portland for sharing today's Happy News. If you ever have a feel good story to share please drop it on our Facebook Page.

This Thanksgiving, an animal sanctuary called The Gentle Barn, which has locations in California, Missouri and Tennessee, is inviting people to come and hang out with their rescue turkeys.

Every year, The Gentle Barn introduces their special event, called A Gentle Thanksgiving, where you are invited to not just hang out with Turkeys: Cuddling with turkeys is encouraged!  

You can feed them treats, play games, and celebrate the life, love, and liberty of their majestic turkeys who should, as they say there, “have been cherished throughout history for their intelligence, affection, and dynamic personalities.”

Anyone can attend the unique event with a donation of $50, which helps the Gentle Barn with their rescue and care operations both with turkeys and other animals. Entry for children under two years old is free.

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