Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Man Proposing Recovers Ring In Ocean!

As a couple enjoyed a private evening on board a luxury boat in the middle of the ocean, the man got down on one knee at sunset to pop the all-important question to his girlfriend.

But the romantic ocean proposal took a turn when the man accidentally dropped his engagement ring into the ocean. The moment was captured in a video on TikTok, which has surpassed 5.9 million views to date.

Putting a new spin on traumatic engagements, the man dived into the water to retrieve the ring, leaving his girlfriend bursting into fits of laughter. Thankfully, he managed to find it.

The video footage, which has rocketed in views online, captured everything from the ring box falling out of his pocket, landing straight into the ocean, and the man coming to the rescue.

After initially going into "full panic mode", he was obviously relieved after he was able to grab the box with the ring still intact.

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