Ice Storm Warning: Stay Home. What To Expect & How To Stay Safe

PBOT’s warning is strong: you need to stay off the roads. Even if you’re chained up and think you're a great driver, ICE is about as dangerous as it gets. PBOT says If you must drive, leave by early morning and be off the roads by early afternoon. Many roads will close. Go to to check conditions.

Warming shelters are open including at the Oregon Convention Center, The Salvation Army in Hillsboro and the Beaverton Community Center and they’re turning no one away. And TriMet drivers are giving people free rides to and from shelters. To find shelters or severe weather resources dial 211. If you do plan to use Trimet, make sure to check before you go. 

We're already seeing power outages. Check your utility company outtage maps:


Pacific Power

Clark Public Utilites

What should you do if your power goes out? Turn off electrical equipment to help prevent a possible power surge when it comes back, keep all refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Food can stay cold in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours if the doors are kept closed after an outage. And turn on a light both inside and outside of the house so crews can tell when the power is turned back on.

Please be safe and check on your neighbors. Happy Holidays from K103 Mornings With Stacey and Mike.

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