Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Man Saves 24 People Stranded In Storm

After a motorist who got stranded in the deadly winter storm in upstate New York found a safe place to ride it out, he went to great lengths to lead dozens of others to it, too, in what officials are hailing as a lifesaving and heroic rescue effort. 

Jay Withey of Kenmore, New York, made sure 24 people who were stuck on the side of the road during the brutal storm got out of harm’s way, police said. 

The blizzard stranded Jay just east of Buffalo, and when he started running low on fuel he decided to leave his car and head for Pine Hill School, where he broke a window so he could get inside.

But he didn’t stay inside long. He soon set back outside, looking for other stranded motorists he could direct to the school.

Inside the school, he pried open the kitchen door to gather essentials to help feed the group. He also found the nurse’s office and collected blankets and water. 

Jay left the school’s front door open overnight so others could join the group.

Thank you to Craig in Hillsboro for sharing todays story. If you have a story that makes you smile, please share!

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