Stacey & Mike's Happy News Update: Hero Gifted Super Bowl Tickets!

Love this Happy News update, thanks to Brett in Vancouver for sharing.

When Jay Withey, a mechanic in the town of Cheektowaga, found himself, along with a lot of other people, trapped in their cars during the storm, he broke into a school building and gathered nearly two dozen people there to shelter from the harsh conditions and managed to rescue nearly a dozen people.

Jay had gone out in the storm to rescue a friend but quickly became trapped himself. Over the course of the night, he was turned down by several households he begged to shelter him, eventually huddling in cars with two other people that asked him for help. But just as their gas supply was becoming dangerously low, Withey discovered there was a school nearby.

After smashing the school window and opening the front doors, Jay trekked back into the snow to find others who were stuck, bringing them back to the building for food and warmth.

For his heroic efforts, he just received two tickets to next month’s Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona. Legendary former Bills running back Thurman Thomas personally delivered the surprise to Jay on Friday.

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