Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Making Peoples Day 1 Silly Sign At A Time

Thank you to Sasha in Battleground for sharing today's story.

Life moves fast, little stays the same, but a local Louisville hardware sort of has. Customers say they like that It's not a big box store, where you have to run down 15 aisles to find things.

"Rhinestone Cowboy" plays over the speaker, there's still a phone on the wall, the popcorn's free, just like when he was a teen, where owner Brad Carson is helping customers each day.

But ever since his early days at the store, Brad has always enjoyed coming up with something to put on the sign out front.

You could say he enjoys poking the bear, and when the sign went digital, Brad got on his computer, and took it to a new level. And the store’s customers noticed

Brad's wife does have to sometimes step in and says she has veto power. The couple will tell you though, the smiles from customers and passers-by are all it's ever been about.

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