Tinder Drops "Dating Dictionary" For Older Singles

Getting out there for the first time on dating apps can be intimidating.

Tinder wants to make it easier for older singles to understand the terms used by Gen Z with their new “dating dictionary.”

Terms in the handy guide include “Rizz” and “Goblintimicy.

Rizz is short for Charisma…basically you got game.

From our favorite "goblin mode" (Oxford’s word of the year 2022), we get Goblintimacy. Or embracing the good, bad and the goblin within us all.

Ever felt like your partner was avoiding having you meet their friends or family? 'Stashing' is the term coined by Gen Z to explain when a partner never lets you meet their friends or family, despite spending long periods of time together.

Kittenfishing is catfishing's less ominous little sister defined as "changing aspects of yourself to appear more attractive to others."

So while catfishing is pretending to be someone else entirely, 'kittenfishing' is simply tweaking your real-life attributes to make others like you more. Not so bad, right?

Good Luck out there!

Stacey Lynn out...I'm going into goblin mode.

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