Stacey & Mike's Happy News: 5 yo Sings Titanic Song At Grandma's Service

 Thanks to Miranda in Portland for today's Happy News.

A five-year-old boy showed love for his late great-grandmother by singing his favorite song, "My Heart Will Go On," at her celebration of life.

Bentley's great-grandmother had always loved the 1997 Celine Dion love song and would play if for Bentley's mother when she was little. 

Diana was like a second mother to young Bentley and the two had a very special relationship. When Bentley first heard "My Heart Will Go On", or "The Titanic Song," as he calls it, he could not stop singing it.

Bentley would say the song "sounds like the voice of an angel" and since Diana died, he said she was that angel singing the song with him. Bentley’s mom says it has been really therapeutic because most people are very sweet on what they are saying about his tribute to his great grandma.

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