Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Why Shirley Will Never Complain About Jury Duty

Thanks to Gerald in Portland for sharing today's Happy News.

As Shirley Bennet walked into a courtroom, she turned back and felt like she was returning to the scene of the crime: The last time she was at the courthouse, she collapsed while having a heart attack, her third.

Shirley, who had been there for jury duty, remembers leaving the courtroom while it was in recess, sitting on a bench, and nothing else.

A district attorney who is also a physician kept track of her pulse while deputies did compressions for about 10 minutes before paramedics arrived and continued with lifesaving measures. 

Those same paramedics said that had Shirley not had that early CPR intervention, she wouldn't be here today. 

Shirley said there should be a Netflix special. She'd call it, "A Reason for Jury Duty," and said she'd play all the parts. She hopes her story inspires others to take CPR classes.

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