Stacey & Mike's Happy News:

Thanks to Bart in Newberg

A cemetery manager played Valentine’s Day matchmaker to a lonely widowed goose whose mate passed away.

Blossom and Bud lived together for years in the pond at Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown Iowa, but after Bud died last August, it seemed Blossom would spend the best years of her life alone.

General manager Dorie Tammen noticed that Blossom would spend hours staring at herself in the shiny reflections of model tombstones by the cemetery office, and she realized her goose needed company.

Tammen posted an FSM ad on Facebook for a “lovely widowed goose” that was “youthful, adventurous, and lively,” looking for “a life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans.”

The ad, mostly a joke, worked like a charm, and Tammen received a surprising email from Deb and Randy Hoyt who had a widower goose named Frankie who was in the same sort of heartbroken rut.

The Hoyts said that when they saw the ad for Blossom they thought “well that’d be great.”

The three humans set up a Valentine’s Day date for the two geese, and soon enough they were swimming around the pond at Riverside, seemingly content to be together forever.

Birds are among the only other animals on Earth that mate for life, and with that in mind really make the perfect mascot for a cemetery.

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