Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Contractor Builds Wheelchair Ramp For Free

Jerry Tonjes, a contractor in Ohio, is not one for the limelight, but one of his recent customers refused to let his work go unsung.

Jamie Wirick's dad had knee replacement surgery last month and is currently using a wheelchair. It's his second knee replacement and the recovery is not going as quickly as expected.

The Wiricks were told they needed a ramp for his house in just a matter of days. 

Jerry got right to work. He went to their home on Friday to get measurements. Then he got the materials and built the ramp in just a few hours on Tuesday. But when the Wiricks tried to pay him for his time and work, he declined.

"There was no cost," Tonjes said. "It came to the point where it was minimal dollars. It was just a good gesture that I just felt I had to do for her."

It was a shock for the family, especially when other contractors told them it would take weeks and cost them thousands of dollars.

Jerry says there’s a reason for his generosity as he has been going through something similar with his fiance, who has had multiple myeloma cancer, so they were trying to give back to the community because they are grateful she is doing so well.

Thanks to Sawyer in Portland for sharing this story. If you see a story that makes you smile, drop it on our Facebook Page.

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