Stacey & Mike's Happy News: WIN For Girl Scouts Experiencing Homelessness

Thanks to Jerry in Vancouver

This week marks the final days of the Girl Scouts’ annual cookie sale. That’s a big deal for every scout, but especially for Troop 6000, which is a group of girls who are experiencing homelessness or living in shelters.

Unlike most Girl Scouts, Troop 6000’s cookie sale covers all fees for the girls including trips, summer camps and other activities. The troop has sold more than $1.6 million worth of cookies since 2017, benefiting about 2,500 women and girls across more than 20 shelters.

Troop 6000 has inspired similar troops of girls experiencing homelessness around the country: in Middle Tennessee, Greater Iowa, the Sierra Nevada region, Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

Troop 6000 offers women a chance to lead in their community, by taking on volunteer roles within their shelters’ troops.

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