Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Old Fella Teaches Cop To Dance At Traffic Stop

Thanks to Jessie B in Tigard for this one.

A police officer who was treated to a musical performance during a traffic stop when he received an unexpected roadside lesson in clog dancing from an elderly man.

Officer Woodmansee stopped the man for failure to maintain his lane and things quickly turned into a two-step dance lesson from the kindly gentleman who had just left a dance hall.

Body-worn and dashcam footage shows Officer Woodmansee speaking to the man outside his vehicle and asking him about his night of dancing when the man offered to teach her a “two-step” on the road. “Right here?” she asked. “Right there,” he said.

The department joked that they were “not sure yet if Officer Woodmansee will receive training credits from the Criminal Justice Academy for learning the two-step” but said “it definitely brought a smile to everyone’s face.”

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