Stacey & Mike's Happy News: 2nd Grader Lost In Woods Tells Survival Story

Thanks to Nora in Portland for sending us today's story.

An 8-year-old boy who managed to survive two full days in a snow-covered Michigan state park after he went missing is speaking out.

Nante Niemi said he prayed for being found and not stuck out here for the rest of his life after he had been camping with his family in a remote part of Michigan. The group had been collecting firewood Saturday when Nante went missing.

They took some time to search for him and couldn't find them, so they decided they needed to give up and call for help. Meanwhile, Nante said he just tried to think positively and avoid letting fear take over. And when he got hungry, he resorted to what was available, snow.

Nante said at one point, he noticed a helicopter hovering over him and he tried to get the attention of the people inside it. And then he heard people yelling his name and ran straight to them, where he was quickly reunited with his family…and food.

Nante and his family said they're grateful for all the people who helped them search for him. They even threw a barbecue for rescuers to thank them.

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