Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Father-Dogter Dance Steals The Show

Thanks to Liam in Portland

She’s got two left feet but she made it work in a viral video where a couple’s Labrador stole the show during their wedding after the groom performed a “father-dogter” dance with their dog, Rosy.

Rosy stole the show at the wedding when the groom, Ben, picked her up and cradled her as they danced to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” at the reception, with lots of cheers and applause from everyone at the wedding.

The bride, Julie, filmed the sweet, two-minute serenade, saying Rosy is definitely a “daddy’s girl.”

They got the idea for a “father-dogter” dance during a holiday party when Ben picked up Rosy and danced with her in his arms.

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