Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Grateful Drivers Surprise Single Mom In Big Way

Thanks to Leta in Newberg for sharing this great story about community coming together.

For no other reason than that she was a working mom with a great personality and an important job making sure people drive safely through the city of Detroit, a traffic control officer was recently on the receiving end of all the goodness social media can muster.

It started when Lanita Edge was interviewed on TikTok while on duty in the middle of the road, chatting with passers-by, and wishing people a happy day.

In that video, Lanita was surprised when the TikToker interviewer, Zackery, invited her to the Tigers game for Mother’s Day. The working mom recently lost her husband and asked how much the ticket would cost at which point Zackery surprised her with $500.

Meanwhile, Zackery had secretly set up a crowdfunding campaign that amassed $50,000, a gift simply for being her fine self, that was delivered on the grass in the Tiger’s ballpark.

Now, 9 million social media views later, and dozens of people stop along the crosswalk to say hello, congratulate, or wish her well.

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