Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Lawyer Realizes Childhood Dream

 Thanks to Maria in Portland

“Hell's Cowboy" Hunter Paine has trained a lot of wrestlers as the owner of Southland Championship Wrestling promotion, which develops new talent, so when an Indiana attorney named Chris Freiberg walked into the gym, Paine told him he wouldn't last a month.

A disability lawyer by day and a rassler by night, Chris is still wrestling a year later and just won his first title belt in the indie circuit with his finishing move: a neckbreaker he calls "The Closing Argument."

When it came to training him, Hunter Paine was a skeptic, but Chris, who is a Social Security disability lawyer who lost more than 140 pounds before chasing his professional wrestling dream, won him over.

It's such an unusual combination that the person who answered the legal ethics hotline Freiberg called just to ensure that it was kosher thought he was joking. After reassuring her it was legit, he was told it was OK so long as he didn't talk about any real cases in the ring.

In the ring, Chris transforms into the villainous Warren C. Freiberg III, Esquire, spoofing the legal profession as a brash and arrogant high-roller attorney. He just won the Southland Championship Wrestling's High Voltage Championship, which is comparable to the NXT title on WWE.

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