Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Teen Speechless At $2500 Tip

Thanks to Jasper in Vancouver

It’s not easy being different as a teenager and that’s why a customer at a place called Independence Pizza Ranch felt compelled to hand $2,500 to a cashier after seeing how the 16-year-old carried himself.

Ryheem Lumpkins has been manning the register for about a month. When no one is in line to pay, he’s busy sweeping floors and wiping down the buffet. He’s usually quiet and introverted, but the job has shown him another side to his personality.

Customer Robert Samay was so impressed by Ryheem’s attitude that he gave him a $5 tip. He remembered the happy look on the teen’s face. On Tuesday, he returned with a surprise he hoped would make Ryheem’s day and then some.

Robert pulled out a stack of $50 bills and began counting them up to $2500! As the number grew, Ryheem wiped tears from his eyes, and it wasn’t just the money. It was the gesture.

It wasn’t until he picked up the cash, that it became clear Ryheem’s hands and arms were different from most. They never fully developed.

Robert said, ‘Money comes and goes and it’s rare to find someone like Ryheem.’ Who, by the way, said he will be putting the money in his savings account to get his first car.

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