Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Beloved Teacher "Takes Off" on Retirement

Thanks to Dan in Vancouver for this story.

For 31 years, a Bozeman teacher at Morning Star Elementary has been inspiring young minds, but after a long run, she’s finally taking off in a pretty unique way. “I’ve always said on my last day of teaching that I wanna go out in a helicopter.”

Wendy McCullough has been teaching first grade at Morning Star Elementary in the same classroom since 1992.In that time, she says she’s seen many things. But the most important?

“Is watching students grow, learn to believe in themselves, and know they can do hard things,” said McCullough.

But after 31 years, it’s time for Wendy to fly, so that’s exactly what she did as her students gathered to watch her soar a helicopter! They waved and cheered, but her colleagues and friends say it wasn’t easy saying goodbye. But Wendy says this just means the time has come for her next adventure.

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