Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Now Sober, She Uplifts Other Women In Need

Thanks to Lindi in Vancouver for sending us today's uplifting story.

Cynthia Scott spent half of her life addicted to drugs but is living proof it's never too late to turn your life around. Thriving in her sobriety, she's now the owner of a small clothing store chain and is using those stores to uplift others from their lowest points.

She wrote a book based on her life and when she needed a place to sell it she created that space, opening the first Nickel City Baby clothing store. Deciding to pay it forward she started putting 55 cents of every purchase toward helping clothe other women who are getting out of prison, battered homes, and sober living, all for free. 

Cynthia also has personal hygiene items at the ready for any woman that comes in looking for help and her goodwill has evolved over the years and now Cynthia also helps women with job placement, confidence building, mentoring, and support.

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