Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Woman Planted Seed Then Waited 36 Years

What started as a curiosity in Georgia is turning into a landmark as one woman patiently waits to finally unveil a rare cactus bloom that she's been waiting over 30 years to see. 

Jacki Flournoy's garden is a lesson in history, with one plant, a century plant. When Ronald Reagan was president, Nintendo was king of the console world, and eggs cost 97 cents; Flournoy was planting a seed for the distant future. 

The century plant is native to Mexico but can grow in the south, and even most of Hawaii, given the hot and tropical climates. It takes between 8 to 30 years to grow and for Jacki, it's been 36 years since the seed was planted.

This plant, with its common name Agave Americana, is a showstopper, with stalks that grow up to 20 feet tall. And when it finally blooms, gardeners can enjoy flowers multiple times that year.

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