Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Drone Spots Couple Trapped In Sinkhole

Thanks to Melanie in Vancouver

18-year-old Josh Logue decided to fly his drone Saturday morning. But little did he know at the time, that decision may have saved the lives of two people.

A man and a woman were trapped inside an upside-down Jeep that had fallen deep into a newly opened sinkhole on a bridge in Colorado and it was quickly filling with water.

The area where the sinkhole opened up is a desolate spot and the odds of getting help from a passing motorist were not good. But unbeknownst to the two occupants of the Jeep, Josh was at his house flying his drone two miles away and about to come to their rescue.

Josh saw what he initially thought was a shadow. But upon closer inspection, he saw a very real and life-threatening event. He flew the drone closer to the sinkhole and soon realized there were people trapped inside the upside-down SUV.

Josh immediately called 911 and gave them the general area where the sinkhole was and the fire department arrived shortly after and removed the vehicle from the sinkhole. 

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