Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Mom Reconnects With Firefighter Who Saved Her

Thanks to Lisa in Vancouver

Mary Beasley was finishing up a long shift as an air traffic controller one night in April 2005, riding the control tower elevator with a colleague, when she heard a frightening sound.

It was a thud and she realized she was trapped in the elevator car, and they soon began to smell smoke. 

Firefighter Raymond Sikes quickly answered the call and was able to free Mary and her colleague, who were both safe and sound.

Thanks in part to Raymond’s efforts, Mary gave birth to a healthy baby girl two months later, named "Malia." But over the years, the three lost touch…until it came time for Malia to graduate high school when Mary called Raymond to reconnect.

Raymond says they talked on the phone for about 15-20 minutes, reminiscing about the day in detail, even after all this time. Until that point, Malia only knew Raymond from her mom's journal entries.

The only thing left was for Raymond to finally meet the third person he saved that day.

So, he accepted Mary’s invitation to Malia's graduation ceremony. Malia is off to college in the fall, and Raymond is expecting another invitation in four years.

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