Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Resident Takes In 10 Stranded Passengers

Thanks to Terry in Vancouver for sharing this story about a fellow Washingtonian.

When vacationers were trapped in a Washington town after ferries were canceled due to weather, they thought they might have to sleep on the streets.

That’s when ferry terminal worker William Patterson invited all ten of them to stay at his house for the night.

All three round trips were canceled, starting at 6:45 pm and on to 9:00 pm, and most of the passengers were over 60 years of age, so William was just happy he could get the visitors out of the weather. 

At his home, there was space on the couch and an extra bed, but pretty quickly people were on the floor too. Early the next morning, William went out to the cafe he runs along with his work at the ferry terminal to make pastries and coffee for them all.

“It was unbelievable,” said Fred Dente, 79, who was visiting with his wife and their two friends from Hawaii. “It was the way humans should treat humans. In this day and age, it was exceptional.”

That morning was crisp and clear, and at 7:00 am the ferries set sail.

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