Stacey & Mike's Happy News: 8yo Raising Money For Homeless Day At The Fair

Thanks to Simone in Vancouver

A girl in Oklahoma with a big heart is teaming up with a nonprofit to give homeless people a night of fun at the State Fair. Lyla Thomas is launching a program called Fair Share. She came up with the idea after she was at a local parade, where she saw someone who was homeless not having a good time and it broke her heart. 

Lyla decided to help the homeless get to the next big community event. She needs to raise $5,000 to take 30 people to the fair. So far, she’s raised about $1,600 and has several fundraising events planned between now and the fair.  

And here’s what makes this story really remarkable. Lyla is only 8 years old. She told her mom she just wants everyone to experience the fun the city offers.

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