Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Willy The Rodeo Goat Found Safe

Thanks to Brian in Salem for this one:

Willy the rodeo goat, who has lassoed the hearts of residents in rural Texas ever since she escaped from an arena on July 15, has been found. The elusive goat had hidden in sugar cane and corn fields, avoiding capture for weeks. Residents searched for her on horses, all-terrain vehicles and by drone. 

Local businesses even donated 90 prizes worth $5,000 in total, including brisket, bales of hay and beef jerky, to be given to whoever found her. People from around the U.S. had reached out asking for updates and sending their wishes for Willy's safe return. Many worried that predators, including coyotes, might get her. 

But 16 year old Ricardo Rojas III spotted Willy right in his backyard, about 1 mile away from where she escaped. The president of the rodeo said, "Even a little rodeo goat is important and has shown us and taught us that we need to look after each other."

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