Stacey & Mike's Happy News: A Spamtastic Way to Help Maui

Thanks to Tyra in Beaverton for giving us this Spamtastic feel good story.

Hawaii consumes more SPAM products than any other state, eight million cans a year. SPAM is a little can of hope, it’s always been there for Hawaiians and Hormel is working with a humanitarian organization called ‘The Convoy of Hope’ to get even more SPAM to the island.

SPAM became a household name during World War II. The iconic meat was sent to soldiers on the frontlines, many of whom were fighting in the Pacific.

Hormel Foods has been partnering with Convoy of Hope for eight years and have worked together to respond to other natural disasters throughout the country.

Convoy of Hope currently has a team on the ground in Maui delivering cans of SPAM to people from Hormel along with water and hygiene products to help make life easier for people.

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