Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Woman Returns To Place She Was Left As Baby

Thanks to Simone in Portland

Baby Vicky was discovered in February 2004 at Richmond University Medical Center when she was only four or five days old and was found by a nurse named Claudia.

Claudia scooped her up and brought her to the pediatrics department. She visited the baby on her breaks and days off to feed her and care for her before Vicky was eventually adopted by a couple.

That couple had another son named Frank whom they had adopted in 2002. He had also been abandoned and left on the steps of a Staten Island daycare.

Recently, Frank and Vicky started the process of learning their family histories and more about their backstories and each took a DNA test which led Vicky to getting a surprising message: She and Frank were actually biological siblings.

On Tuesday the woman who found Frank joined the woman who found Vicky as a special reunion of those who helped create the family.

Vicky said knowing the truth feels a bit heavy -- but in a good way.

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