Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Say Hello to First Ever Spotless Giraffe

Thanks to Geoffrey in Portland

A zoo in Tennessee has welcomed what it is describing as the "world's rarest giraffe" after a female calf was born with no spots. According to one zookeeper there, the spotless giraffe is likely the only one of its kind in the world.

A giraffe's spots are unique to each animal and form during early development. According to the Public Library of Science, these patterns are determined by melanin-producing cells in the early embryo, so this particular giraffe will never grow spots.

There are several theories as to why giraffes evolved spots in the first place. The first is for camouflage, but the complex patterns of blood vessels found under each patch suggests they may also play a role in temperature regulation.

To help choose a fitting name, the Brights Zoo has opened up a Facebook poll to allow the public to vote on what to call her. So far, the poll has received more than 5,400 votes.

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