Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Fishing Teen Reels In Missing Wallet With $2k!

Thanks to Miranda in Salem for sharing this story with us.

Connor Halsa is just days away from his freshman year in High School and he has a summer vacation story that will be hard to top. He was fishing with his family on Lake of the Woods, when he thought a fish had struck his line.

It was a billfold full of money…$2,000 in cash, to be exact.

The family found a business card inside, called the number, and tracked down the owner of the billfold, Iowa farmer Jim Denney who was at the lake one year ago when he lost his wallet.

It's hard to calculate, but the odds are out of this world. One million acres of lake. Seventy miles long, 70 miles wide, and Connor hooks a billfold the size of a deck of cards.

So, Denney made the trip from Iowa to Moorhead, where he met the Halsa family and even offered to give Connor money, but the teen turned him down, so he gave the teen a compliment worth much more than the cash found at the bottom of Lake of the Woods.

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