Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Under Armour Customizes Size 23 Shoes For Teen

Thanks to Erica in Portland for sharing todays HN.

Eric Kilburn Jr. was born a normal 8-pound baby boy, but has grown into a sizable young man with what might be the largest feet ever recorded in a human teenager.

At 15 years old he was wearing size 22 shoes, the largest which any sporting company had ever needed to make. But soon, even these were too small, and instead of letting Eric constantly suffer blisters and muscle deformations in his feet, his mother, Rebecca was left with no other choice but to order specially-made orthopedic shoes at a cost of $1,500 per pair.

Eric’s friend started a "friendraiser and the story quickly went viral, attracting the attention of PR firms of Puma and Under Armour who measured Eric’s feet, and after a lengthy process donated 4 pairs of cleats and 2 pairs of trainers to the school, who gave them to Eric as a gift in order to maintain his status as an amateur athlete.

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