Stacey & Mike's Happy News: His "Hopping For Heroes" Breaks World Record

A Massachusetts father spent Saturday successfully attempting to reclaim a Guinness World Record for most consecutive bounces on his pogo stick, all while raising money for charity.

James Roumeliotis had already set the world record for the farthest distance traveled on a pogo stick in 2012, a little over 23 miles and that was eight years after he lost the record for consecutive bounces.

On Saturday, the father of three attempted to reclaim the title outside the South Boston Vietnam Memorial, setting a goal of 88,047 bounces.

James partnered with the New England Center and Home for Veterans and Hopping for Heroes for his attempt, raising money for the two charities.

He broke the record after more than 8 and a half hours with 115,179 bounces.

Thanks to Tara in Tigard for sharing today's Happy News. Please let us know if you come across a story that makes you smile.

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