Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Dog Lost In Airport Headed Home After 3 Weeks

Back on August 18th, Paula Rodriguez, who is from the Dominican Republic, was on a layover at the Atlanta airport when she was separated from her rescue dog, a Chihuahua named Maia.

Somehow, Delta Airlines lost Maia, and because of an issue with Paula’s visa, she was sent back home without her precious dog. Apparently, Maia escaped from the kennel in the middle of the runway. Airline workers chased after her, but she couldn’t be caught.

A week later, Paula’s Mom even went to the Atlanta airport to search for her with no luck. Then Saturday, over three weeks after being lost, airport workers found Maia hiding in a cargo facility.

They said she was tired but in apparent good health. Today, Maia is getting a ride home to be reunited with Paula…a welcome reunion for one scared little pup, for sure.

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