Stacey & Mike's Happy News: Man Saves Boy From Flying Hockey Puck

A man sitting next to a mother and her 4-year-old son at a Cleveland hockey game is being honored for stopping a flying puck from hitting the boy.

Asia Davis and her 4-year-old son Nasir went to a Cleveland Monsters game Thursday. In the third period, with only a few minutes left, a hockey puck flew into the crowd.

Asia captured the incident on video and says the puck was headed straight for her son when a man sitting next to them jumped into action and stopped it from hitting the boy.

After the heart-stopping moment, Davis, Nasir and the man took pictures together then left the game, but when she got home, Davis wanted to thank the man more and sent out a call via TikTok to help her find him.

That led to the team getting word and they invited the three back for a special experience at Saturday night’s game where they walked in together, greeted the players as the team entered the rink and, just before game time, met at center ice for an emotional puck drop.

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