AI Fakes: Henry Cavill as Bond, Leaks of New Taylor Music?

AI is here and in the hands of anyone with time on their hands.

Here's a trailer with Henry Cavill as the new James Bond, and Margot Robbie as a Bond girl in a movie called "Bond 26". It's all fake. Someone generated it with A.I. but that hasn't stopped it from getting millions of views on YouTube and people hoping that Cavill would be the next James Bond. It's rumored that it'll be Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Meanwhile Swifties are rallying to keep people from listening to a supposed leak of Taylor Swift’s “Tortured Poets Department.” The “Daily Mail” says the snippets were taken from a Google link. The debate is on as to whether the song portions are real or AI created, but it doesn’t matter…the Swifties are begging everyone to ignore any leaks.

Our best advice is to wait until tomorrow (4/19) and hear it here on iHeartRadio. We’ll be celebrating with 13 Days Of Taylor Swift and a chance to see her in concert. Keep it here for details.

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